About Us

KC Sir

K.C. Sharma (Founder & Chairman)

Let’s take a step back and look at everything we do and how we do it, to make sure that we are creating value, starting with the patients that benefit from the products that we bring to the market, the customers that provide those services and care to the patients, and all of our other stakeholders.

Newtech Medical Devices is the first Indian Company which manufacture PTFE coated Guidewires. We are Indian pioneers to introduce Coated Guidewires, Uncoated Guidewires, Nitinol Guidewires, Hydrophilic Guidewires and Lunderquist Guidewires. Our Guidewires are available with J tip or straight tip or double distal ends. We have SS Core Stiff Guidewires, Extra Stiff Guidewires and Super Stiff Guidewires to meet every Clinical requirement of Professionals. We do have Kink Resistive guidewires as well.

Company Mission

To be renowned leader in alleviating pain and to build healthier lives through manufacturing and distributing high quality vascular access devices and accessories.

Corporate Vision
To lead the globe with single minded devotion to restore health and expand life with dignity, enthusiasm and burning desire through maintaining fundamental values. To reconstruct and reform the human euphoria by research & development, manufacturing and distributing medical devices serving cardiology, nephrology and general surgical disposables.


Ravi Handa (President)

Mukesh Grover

Mukesh Grover (Vice President-Sales)

Rather than the tagline these words are our base for growth & innovation. Winning the trust , is all that we are striving for. Innovation, quality production and timely delivery is our focus. We assure to carry on the same quality and delivery in the years to come, which has become our USP. Together, we can find the solutions to different requirements all over the globe for a better tomorrow. This brochure stands as your complete guide to support your buying decisions & purchasing processes. It is also a way to show, our intense involvement with our product. The company is growing at a fast pace as more & more clients are accepting us. Looking forward for more of acceptance and a better world by meeting the demands/requirement of all national & international clients.

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