ClearConnector PTCA Y Connector

PTCA Y Connector

PTCA Y Connector

The Newtech Medical Devices Y connector provides an easy to use hemostatic device for both diagnostic and interventional procedures. The ergonomically designed Y Connector significantly reduces blood loss during interventional procedures.



  1. Can be used with automatic contrast media injectors employing a flow rate of up to 15cc per second and setting pressure of up to 600 psi.
  2. Compatible with any angiography device that goes through 9Fr or smaller guide catheters.
  3. Compatible with 0.014” – 0.038” diameter guide wires.
  4. Single-handed manipulation. Minimizes blood loss.
  5. Push Pull, Push click, screw
  6. Large bore Inner lumen, helps the medical device to be inserted more efficiently 

Also available in kit. The components offered in kit are :-

  1. Hemostasis Y Connector (Push Pull/Screw/Push Click) type systems
  2. Blunt Needle
  3. Torque Device
  4. Extension tube 20 cm (With Luer Lock & Three way stopcock)