ClearGwire PTFE Guide Wires

Guide wire

PTFE Guide Wires are extensively used by urologists for varied ureteroscopy procedures. It is a hybrid guide wire, used to reduce the usage of numerous wires. These PTFE wires come with a hydrophilic flexible tip that provides easy access beyond obstructions along with clear and enhanced visualization. These PTFE Guide Wires ensure hygienic and infection free procedures.


  • Latex free
  • Kink resistant core
  • Available in straight or angled tip as per requirements

Length: The length of the wire very from 30 cm to 450 cm.

Surface: The wire is made of stainless steel with or without PTFE  coating on them.

Distal Tip: The Newtech Medical Devices Guide wire are in two type of tip, one is straight tip and other J tip having radius from 3‐6‐5 mm.

Shaft Stiffness: The Newtech Medical Devices Guide wire comes with standard & heavy duty(Customized) stiffness.