ClearTubo Pressure Monitoring Line

Pressure Monitoring Line

Pressure Monitoring Line is extension lines, made of high quality, medical grade PVC plastic tubing. They are multipurpose and come with easy-to-use kit. These can be used in different cardio-related operations. Also, Pressure Monitoring Line can be used for infusion-transfusion purposes and high pressure monitoring. They are provided with dual leur tapers (male & female) or port connectors, for the perfect and secured fit with the all standard equipments. These are available in transparent and striped designs.

Key points:

  1. Ensures accurate and efficient monitoring
  2. High quality and sterilized packaging
  3. Durable quality
  4. The pressure range of this line is up to 250 psi. The length we offer is 10cm to 300cm
  5. Small bore pressure line helps to get accurate pressure transmission to the 
  6. Kink resistant medical grade PVC tube, does not bolge even at high pressure.
  7. Male and Female luer locks help to ensures secure connection.
  8. E.T.O. Sterile, High degree of safety and low toxicity.
  9. Multi end adapter option, compatible with different specification.

Specification :

S.No.  Ref. Order No.  Specification 
1 NT/PML/10MF  Male to Female 10 cm 
2 NT/PML/10MM Male to Male 10 cm 
3 NT/PML/15MF  Male to Female 15 cm 
4 NT/PML/15MM  Male to Male 15 cm 
5 NT/PML/25MF  Male to Female 25 cm 
6 NT/PML/25MM Male to Male 25 cm 
7 NT/PML/35MF  Male to Female 35 cm 
8 NT/PML/35MM  Male to Male 35 cm 
9 NT/PML/50MF  Male to Female 50 cm 
10 NT/PML/50MM  Male to Male 50 cm
11 NT/PML/100MF  Male to Female 100 cm
12 NT/PML/100MM  Male to Male 100 cm
13 NT/PML/150MF  Male to Female 150 cm
14 NT/PML/150MM  Male to Male 150 cm
15 NT/PML/200MF  Male to Female 200 cm
16 NT/PML/200MM  Male to Male 200 cm
17 NT/PML/300MF  Male to Female 300 cm
18 NT/PML/300MM  Male to Male 300 cm