Guiding Catheter

Brand Name: ClearGuide

Large Lumen Guide Balancing Flexibility and Support



Specifications :

  • Large Lumen Guide Balancing Flexibility and Support
  • Workhorse construction suitable for various anatomies and takeoffs
  • Flexible distal segment enables you to engage for backup support
  • Supportive secondary curve for backup support and curve retention Enhanced Visualisation
  • Larger lumens to maximise contrast flow for enhanced visualisation
  • Radiopaque marker band and nylon shaft Full‐Wall Technology Construction
  • Robust, thinner walls without compromising support or curve retention Full Range of Coronary and Peripheral Curves
  • 5F – 8F sizes available
  • Custom lengths and custom program available

Newtech Medical Devices Guiding Catheter is available in 5, 6, 7, 8F


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