Dialysis Guidewire

Brand Name : ClearGwire

Newtech Medical Devices is the first company in India which manufactures PTFE coated Guidewire which are kink resistive with or without PTFE coating, galvanized stainless steel and having fixed core. These products are offered as sterile CE-marked products under our own brands. In addition to our extensive standard range, we offer Guidewires in straight & jugular tip. The different sizes which we offer varies from 0.018″ to 0.038″ diameter and length upto 260cm. The flexibility of the ClearGwire is excellent and meet all the clinical requirements.

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Features – 

  • Steer ability
  • Torque ability
  • Track ability
  • Tip support/mobility
  • Flexibility
  • Tip durability/elasticity
  • Tip visibility (radiolucency) and markers
  • Tactile feedback
  • Prolapse tendency
  • Push transmission/steer ability: ability of a guide wire tip to be delivered to the desired position in a vessel
  • Torque transmission: ability to transmit rotational forces from the operators hand to the tip
  • Body support/ track ability: ability to advance balloon catheters/other devices on Guidewire
  • Tip support/mobility: Allows moving the distal tip to search for the true lumen
  • Tip durability/elasticity: Permits shape memory retention of the distal tip throughout
  • Tactile feedback: “feel” of the wire tip’s behavior, as perceived by the operator
  • better appreciated with non-coated/hydrophobic coated, coil tipped wires and it with hydrophilic coating.


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