PTCA Baloon Catheter

Brand Name: ClearLine

  • A PTCA balloon catheter is a type of “soft” catheter with an inflatable “balloon” at its tip which is used during a balloon angioplasty procedure to enlarge a narrow opening or passage of the heart’s vessels.
  • The deflated balloon catheter is positioned, then inflated to perform the necessary procedure, and deflated again in order to be removed.


Features –

  • Compliance: Compliant, semi compliant and non compliant balloon.
  • Nominal Pressure, Rated bust pressure & average bust pressure.
  • Single and double marker.
  • Type of balloon
  • Crossing Profiles
  • Lesion Entry Profiles
  • Tip
  • Pushability
  • Trackability
  • Rapture
  • Length: Normal Length, Short Length and Long Length
  • Dog Bone Effect


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