PTCA Y-Connector

Brand Name: ClearConnector

ClearConnectors are easy, fast and accurate single handed intra vascular device for insertion of PTCA Guidewire. Perfect insertion device respecting the integrity of the coated surface with combination of a hemostatic valve and an integrated valve opener. It is a clean and safe product with a minimized backflow thus limiting blood loss during the procedure.




  • Can be used with automatic contrast media injectors employing a flow rate of up to 15cc per second and setting pressure of up to 600 psi.
  • Compatible with any angiography device that goes through 9Fr or
  • smaller guide catheters.
  • Compatible with 0.014” – 0.038” diameter guide wires.
  • Single-handed manipulation. Minimizes blood loss.
  • We have three types of PTCA Y-connectors Push Pull, Push click & Screw.
  • Large bore Inner lumen, helps the medical device to be inserted more efficiently.

Also available in kit. The components offered in kit are :-

  • Hemostasis Y Connector (Push Pull/Screw/Push Click) type systems
  • Blunt Needle
  • Torque Device
  • Extension tube 20 cm (With Luer Lock & Three way stopcock)


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